News and Press Releases

Media and other coverage related to the Stanislaus River, OID and SSJID and the Tri-Dam Project

Important News

OID-SSJID Curtailment Lawsuit 9-3-21(OID/SSJID press release)
OID, SSJID agree to water transfer to help drought-stricken West Side farmers
Extreme dry conditions foil proposed OID, SSJID water release(OID/SSJID press release)
Water Release Proposed to Support Juvenile Salmon and Water Supply (OID/SSJID press release)
Stanislaus River Native Fish Plan (OID/SSJID press release)
EPA letter to State Water Board
OID-SSJID statement on EPA letter
OID-SSJID press release on Stanislaus River spring flows
Going native. Fishy reasoning behind the state’s Stanislaus River water grab (Manteca Bulletin)
Litigating over our water (Manteca Bulletin)
Water board staff tries end run around negotiations (Modesto Bee)
OID-SSJID statement on federal lawsuit
Trump administration sues California to block water plan for fish (Sacramento Bee)
Water fight heats up (Manteca Bulletin)
SSJID suing state (Manteca Bulletin)
State ignored us; it’s time to go to court (Modesto Bee editorial)
Fight over water heads to court: Irrigation districts sue state board (Modesto Bee)
Water board’s wrongheaded votes shows why state can’t be trusted (Modesto Bee editorial)
State OKs water grab (Manteca Bulletin)
California shifts water from farms, cities to fish. But a Jerry Brown compromise deal isn’t dead (Sacramento Bee)
OID-SSJID statement on state water board river flows negotiations
We’d prefer a deal. But we’ll fight to protect our rivers if that’s what it takes (Modesto Bee editorial)
River plan vote is meant to help fish, but will dramatically hurt Valley farming (Fresno Bee editorial)
Board agrees to Newsom-Brown request to delay decision on water plan (Modesto Bee)
Water board’s concerns don’t include us (Modesto Bee)
Brown, Newsom wade in to delay plan to withhold water from cities, farms (San Francisco Chronicle)
State water board member D’Adamo: We must find a better approach (Modesto Bee)
Time’s up. We’ll see if water board passes the test on our rivers (Modesto Bee)
How next week’s expected State Water Board vote could trigger a flood of lawsuits (Modesto Bee)
State likes its old science even when new studies prove it’s wrong (Modesto Bee)
News from water front hasn’t gotten much better … yet (Modesto Bee)
Mike Dunbar: Would you like some facts or would you prefer to stay all wet? (Modesto Bee)
Why have hearings if water board isn’t going to listen? (Modesto Bee editorial)
San Francisco vs. the fish (Wall Street Journal editorial)
Water plan will ‘decimate’ economy; hundreds converge on Capitol (Modesto Bee)
San Joaquin County farmers ask to ‘stop water grab’ at State Capitol (KXTV Channel 10)
Really want to share the river? Then let’s talk about solutions (California Farm Water Coalition)
South San Joaquin mayors warn state plan will hurt our communities (Manteca Bulletin)
Go to water rally, but keep politics out of it (Modesto Bee editorial)
Felicia’s fish are just red herrings; we know the real story (Assemblyman Adam Gray Op-Ed essay)
What every Stanislaus County area resident needs to know about state water plan (Modesto Bee)
A week after visit to New Melones, Department of Interior blasts state water plan (Modesto Bee)
State water regulators’ plan to impact New Melones (My Mother Lode)
River flows: Water agencies, farmers say plan would cause pain (Ag Alert)
OID-SSJID response to SED (OID/SSJID press release)
We must fight water grab, not just talk about it (Mike Dunbar column in Modesto Bee)
Massive water grab (Manteca Bulletin)
Job losses, farm cuts and other devastating impacts predicted from state’s water plan (Modesto Bee)
The next chapter in California’s water wars has begun (Assemblyman Adam Gray press release)
State Water Resources Control Board adopts wasteful approach in latest water quality plan (California Farm Water Coalition statement)
State Water Resources Control Board announcement on water flows (press release from state)
Fishing for answers. SSJID funds research to boost salmon population (Manteca Bulletin)
Too much water may hurt salmon (Manteca Bulletin)
The value of California salmon (FISHBIO)
OID-SSJID final response to SED proposal (OID/SSJID press release)
State’s current plan for river flows spells disaster for our region (Modesto Bee Op-Ed)
When it comes to water, what’s worse: Conspiracy or incompetence? (The Modesto Bee)
Maximum flows not achieving maximum benefits for Stanislaus salmon (SSJID/OID Op-Ed)
FISHBIO study on fall pulse flows (FISHBIO press release)
Pulse flows a little fishy: 11-year science study casts doubt on effectiveness of state strategy (Manteca Bulletin)
Modesto-area farmers, residents make impassioned plea to water board (Modesto Bee)
OID/SSJID Op-Ed essay on river flows proposal (Steve Knell/Peter Rietkerk in Modesto Bee)
The problem with predation (FISHBIO Blog)

Dec. 31:

S.F. gets its turn to critique water plan (Modesto Bee)

Dec. 27:

What state water board is doing is wrong (California Water Alliance essay)

Dec. 24:

Talking the water could cost the state (Modesto Bee)

Dec. 23:

I’ll have my salmon, please — extra dry (Manteca Bulletin)

Dec. 22:

Sacrificing Northern San Joaquin Valley for L.A. basin (Manteca Bulletin)

Dec. 21:

Modesto-area farmers, residents make impassioned plea to water board (Modesto Bee)

Our View: Stanislaus makes its case on rivers (Modesto Bee editorial)

The people of San Joaquin County have spoken; let’s hope regulators will listen (Lodi News Sentinel)

More than 1,000 show up for hearing on Bay-Delta plan (Capitol Public Radio)

More people turn out to criticize ‘water grab’ (Sonora Union Democrat)

How to kill fish and hurt people (Stockton Record)

Dec. 20:

Hundreds pour into Modesto center for hearing on river flows (KCRA, Channel 3)

Modesto residents concerned about increased river flows (KCRA, Channel 3)

Merced crowd decries river plan (Modesto Bee)

Dec. 18:

Our View: If state carries out its plan, our region will suffer (Modesto Bee editorial)

Adam Gray: Water board plan operates in silo; we have better ideas (Modesto Bee)

Larry Byrd: A fight for now, a fight for our future (Modesto Bee)

Dec. 17:

OID, SSJID warn of harm from river plan (Modesto Bee)

The people of San Joaquin County have spoken: let’s hope state regulators will listen (Manteca Bulletin editorial)

Fight over Stanislaus River water: Fish vs. cities and agriculture (Manteca Bulletin)

Leaders, farmers, residents plea against Delta water plan (Stockton Record)

Dec. 15:

What if OID, SSJID had built New Melones (Manteca Bulletin)

Dec. 14:

Stanislaus River fish on upswing on hearing’s eve (Manteca Bulletin)

Dec. 13:

Destroying the 209 to save salmon (Manteca Bulletin)

Congress passes water law with Mother Lode impacts (Sonora Union-Democrat)

Dec. 12:

SSJID: Look at the data. State hearing on Stanislaus River water fate this Friday (Manteca Bulletin)

Dec. 11:

California’s plan for river flows will be devastating to our region (Steve Knell/Peter Rietkerk op-ed essay in Modesto Bee)

Dec. 9:

House approves California water plan that splits state’s senators (Modesto Bee)

Proposed water package has Lode residents picking sides (Sonora Union-Democrat)

Dec. 7:

California’s water future will change as a result of this bill set for House approval (Modesto Bee)

Dec. 6:

600 fish will cost 209 $250 million (Manteca Bulletin)

Sept. 30:

Learn from history … fight for your water (Lance Johnson column)

Sept. 28:

Meeting on river flows gets tense at times (Modesto Bee)

Valley leader’s take exception with state water board’d explanation (Modesto Bee editorial)

Sept. 22:

Gov. Brown is right, we must ‘agree’ on rivers (Modesto Bee editorial)

Sept. 21:

Will new plan fate New Melones to future dead pool levels? (

Valley lawmakers blast river flow proposal (Modesto Bee)

Sept. 20:

Farmers consider impacts of water plan (Ag Alert)

Sept. 16:

Hammer falling on everyone who relies on our rivers (Modesto Bee editorial)

Massive water grab: State would sacrifice jobs, fallow 240,000 acres for fish (Manteca Bulletin)

It’s the age of limits for California’s water wars (Sacramento Bee editorial)

Sept. 15:

Ag still faces hit in updated river flow proposal (Modesto Bee)

Big splash for S.J. River: Plan to increase flows is widely criticized (Stockton Record)

An era of limits: California proposes steering more water to fish, less to farms, cities (Sacramento Bee)

Plan to keep rivers flowing for fish triggers another water fight (L.A. Times)

California to save more water for endangered fish (Wall Street Journal)

Water districts: Why is water going to ocean? (KCRA, Channel 3)

New state Delta water proposal draws fire from Valley irrigation districts (S.J. Business Journal)

California would provide more water to fish under plan (Capitol Public Radio)

Sept. 14:

How much water will the state ask for today? (Modesto Bee editorial)

Sept. 11:

Day of reckoning for our rivers (Modesto Bee)

Sept. 6:

Trout population down 75% in Stanislaus River (KCRA, Channel 3)

Sept. 4:

California’s native salmon struggling in fifth year of drought (Associated Press)

April 28:
South County savior (Manteca Bulletin)

April 27:
Increased pulse flows for fish begin on the Stanislaus River (Sonora Union-Democrat)

April 26:
claims Delta fish harmed by relaxed flows
(Modesto Bee)

April 22:
accuses regulators of loosening Delta water rules
(Sacramento Bee)

April 21:
A predator fish in California has lost its White House support (Modesto Bee)

April 14:
Deal avoids water war (Manteca Bulletin)

April 14:
Local sentiments low over proposed New Melones levels (My Mother Lode)

April 13:
Proposed management plan unveiled for New Melones (Oakdale Leader)

April 13:
State hasn’t considered impacts of its water plan on poor kids (Stanislaus and Merced schools superintendents)

April 13:
North Valley rivers make endangered list (Modesto Bee)

April 13:
House to reopen the bidding on California water bill (Modesto Bee)

April 10:
Debate swirls over striped bass role in rivers’ salmon population (Modesto Bee)

April 8:
Making a case for keeping more Melones water (My Mother Lode)

April 8:
New Melones operators ask to reduce environmental releases(Calaveras Enterprise)

April 7:
Drought woes continue at New Melones (Stockton Record)

April 6:
OID approves water sales worth nearly $14 million (Modesto Bee)

April 6:
State won’t tell us how bad ‘regulatory drought’ will get (Assemblyman Adam Gray)

April 6:
Fish flows prompt outcry from Mother Lode (Sonora Union Democrat)

April 6:
Farmers promised little water next year(Tracy Press)

April 3:
Is the water wasted if we’ve got nowhere to keep it? (Modesto Bee)

April 3:
Valley’s irrigation supplies range from near-normal to dismal (Modesto Bee)

April 1:
Proposed water plan for Melones, Tulloch in the works (My Mother Lode)

April 1:
Stanislaus River flows to ramp up on Sunday (Calaveras Enterprise)

April 1:
Much of West Side gets 5% farm irrigation water allotment (Modesto Bee)

April 1:
Lack of New Melones water hits contractors (My Mother Lode)

March 26:
$10.75M flows into SSJID from 2 water deals (Manteca Bulletin)

March 25:
Water picture brightens (Stockton Record)

March 25:
Water picture brightens (Manteca Bulletin)

March 21:
Our View: Tunnels don’t add up, now we know why (Modesto Bee)

March 21:
SSJID ponders irrigation season’s start (Manteca Bulletin)

March 17:
New Melones water levels rising (Sonora Union-Democrat)

March 9:
Salmon memo March 2016

March 9:
SSJID boosts water allotment to 40 inches (Modesto Bee)

Nov. 20:
Salmon returning, but drought concerns persist (Stockton Record)

Nov. 19:
Salmon struggle in local rivers (Sonora Union-Democrat)

Nov. 13:
Wasting water to kill fish (Manteca Bulletin)

Nov. 13:
Salmon on record run to nowhere (Calaveras Enterprise)

Nov. 12:
Water temperature a concern for fish (

Nov. 10:
Stanislaus River 2015 Salmon Press Release (FISHBIO)

June 29:
Agriculture: Fight on die (S.J. County Farm Bureau)

June 28:
Knights Ferry water discussion is tense but civil (Modesto Bee)

June 26:
Confusion reigns over state water board’s actions (ACWA video)
Some valley farmers consider notice to stop irrigating (Modesto Bee)
Drought: Water districts consider ignoring orders as ‘mass confusion’ reigns over water cutbacks (

June 25:
California hedges on water cuts; managers call situation ‘chaotic’ (Courthouse News)
SSJID won’t sign curtailment documents (Manteca Bulletin)

June 24:
We were just kidding (Manteca Bulletin)
Irrigation districts sue water board (Oakdale Leader)

June 23:
Threatened with water shutoff, Mountain House lands potential supply (Sacramento Bee)
Neighboring water district agrees to sell water to Mountain House (CBS 13, Sacramento)
Town’s water woes solved (Stockton Record)

June 22:
California water districts just sued state over cuts to farmers (Mother Jones)
Irrigation districts sue state water board over curtailment notices

June 20:
Situation in Mountain House grim (Stockton Record)

June 19:
California water districts challenge state’s order (AP News)
Lawsuits challenge California’s drought plan (Sacramento Bee)
California irrigation districts sue to overturn order to stop drawing water (Wall Street Journal)
Modesto-area irrigation districts sue over water restrictions (Modesto Bee)
Senior water rights holders take California water board to court over drought restrictions (CBS Sacramento)
SSJID sues state over water rights (Manteca Bulletin)
California water districts sue state over cutbacks during drought (Huffington Post)
California water districts challenge state’s order (SFGate)

June 16:
In epic drought, California’s water cops get tough at last (Wired)

June 15:
Court battle looms over California’s senior water rights (KQED)
The problem with predation (FISHBIO Blog)

June 13:
State puts SSJID water in jeopardy (Manteca Bulletin)
State curtails senior water rights for OID and SSJID (Modesto Bee)
California orders steep water cuts for farmers amid drought (CBS News)
Senior water rights fight (KTXL, Fox 40)

June 12:
California moves to restrict water pumping  by pre-1914 rights holders (LA Times)
California curtails senior water rights for farmers, others (Sacramento Bee)
Tulloch emergency water project moving forward (Sonora Union Democrat)

June 10:
Which crops produce most ‘pop per drop’ of water? (Sacramento Bee)
State board is unfairly taking water from San Joaquin Valley (Sacramento Bee)

April 30:
Denham: Let local districts manage New Melones (Stockton Record)

April 29:
Stanislaus water releases were for a few hundred fish, not six (Calaveras Enterprise)

April 28:
Another view: Too much water for too few fish (Sacramento Bee)

April 26:
Kristin Olsen: We need your voices to help secure water supply (Modesto Bee)
Another fish tale mucks up debate over the Stan (Modesto Bee)

April 24:
Tulloch project may cost more than $1 million (Calaveras Enterprise)

April 21:
Another fish tale mucks up state water debate (Sacramento Bee)

April 19:
Our View: Assembly speaker’s slap at Gray hits hard (Modesto Bee)

April 18:
This fish tale is a story of common sense getting away (DailyNews)

April 15:
Our view: Gray’s bill passes first test (Modesto Bee)

April 14:
Tulloch to remain full this summer (Calaveras Enterprise)

April 12:
Mike Dunbar: Getting a little feverish doing drought math (Modesto Bee)

April 11:
Deal protects fish, farmers and cities through Oct. 1 (Manteca Bulletin)
Districts won first river fight (Modesto Bee)
New Melones water flowing again (Sonora Union Democrat)
New Melones water deal ‘sound’ (report on Denham’s role; includes links to letters) (Sonora Union Democrat)

April 10:
California Water Alliance: 4.8 billion gallons of water for six fish (Westside Connect)
Irrigation districts announce peace deal in Stanislaus River war; fish flows may resume (Calaveras Enterprise)
Stanislaus River pact would end local defiance (Modesto Bee)
Deal addresses fish, urban and farming needs (Manteca Bulletin)
California farmers mount PR campaign to counter backlash over water use (Modesto Bee)
California warns of deep water curtailments amid drought (Sacramento Bee)
Deal made in water conflict – again (Stockton Record)
Should California spend 4 billion gallons to save a few fish? (Wired)

April 9:
California’s drought of common sense? (San Diego Union Tribune)
174,301 people or 6 fish? SSJID battles bureaucrats over  water releases (Manteca Bulletin)
OID, SSJID defy federal fish flows (Modesto Bee)
Our view: Irrigation districts were forced to defy feds (Modesto Bee)
California Water Alliance press release – 50% environment, 40% farms, 10% people
Are New Melones Lake releases necessary for fish? (News 10)
Dehydrated California loses $2 million to save nine fish (Investors Business Daily)

April 8:
OID could sue over water supply (Modesto Bee)
Water districts halt fish flow at New Melones (KCRA)
Obama’s EPA making California drought worse? (Fox News)

April 7:
SSJID defies order to release more water for fish (Manteca Bulletin)
Tuolumne supes against fed move for more Melones water (Sonora Union Democrat)
Irrigation districts challenging federal authority (Fox 40)
Emergency change made in reducing river flows (Stockton Record)

April 3:
Governor orders mandatory 25% conservation for water utility customers (Calaveras Enterprise)
Do as I say, not as I do

April 2:
Little water savings can add up to big water savings (Manteca Bulletin)
Assemblyman Adam Gray: Our water future is at a critical crossroads (Modesto Bee)

April 1:
No snow job … this is it for water (Manteca Bulletin)
How will low water affect tourism at New Melones Lake? (KCRA)
Governor orders water reduction of 25% (Modesto Bee)

March 31:
Mother Lode elected representatives urge easing of dam operation rules (Calaveras Enterprise)

March 30:
Tulloch water forum draws hundreds (Sonora Union Democrat)
Irrigation districts: State could derail delicate Stanislaus water deal (Modesto Bee)
Hundreds attend water crisis forum in Copperopolis (The Pine Tree)

March 29:
Drought deal: State board should support responsible plan for Stanislaus, New Melones (Manteca Bulletin)

March 28:
So why are those Stanislaus County canals filled with water? (Modesto Bee)

March 27:
Forum near Tulloch will explore river flows (Modesto Bee)

March 26:
Worse than the worst-case scenario (Manteca Bulletin)

March 25:
Deal on Stanislaus River fish could aid Lake Tulloch (Modesto Bee)

March 24:
Deal would spare Lake Tulloch this summer (Stockton Record)
Deal may save Lake Tulloch this summer (Sonora Union Democrat)
Copper residents watch New Melones releases with concern (Calaveras Enterprise)

March 20:
Large release of water planned for New Melones (KXTV News 10)

March 18:
Oakdale Irrigation moving to limit water for farm use (Manteca Bulletin)
Farmers asked for thoughts on OID irrigation water cap (Modesto Bee)

March 17:
Oakdale Irrigation District weighs historic water cap (Modesto Bee)

March 12:
Congressmen: Stanislaus River is being grossly mismanaged (Manteca Bulletin)

March 11:
Lake Tulloch water outlook precarious (Modesto Bee)
SSJID caps water deliveries for the first time (Modesto Bee)

March 5:
Water rights fight as groups try to save salmon, farms and drinking water (KTXL Fox 40)

March 4:
Fish vs. people frustration rages at Oakdale Irrigation District meeting (Modesto Bee)
Making drought worse? Bureau accelerates draining of New Melones) (Manteca Bulletin)